Idaho QSO Party --- Spotting Page
Have Fun: 
find us spot us !
Please , Spot every Idaho station you work or even hear, there aren't many of us,
                 Your SPOT makes it easier for others to find us.  Especially the QRP stations..........

go to this link:
fill in the blanks, 

1 insert your call in the My call:  box

2 insert  the call of the Idaho station you worked or heard  in the DX:  box

3 put the exact frequency your rig is on.  in kHz for 20 meters the frequencies fall between  14000.00  to 14350.00 kHz.
14.000  to 14.350

4  put something like  IDAHO QSO Party  in the ""info"" area

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OK here's something new
just for state QSO parties.

or to go directly to  the Idaho party

other ways to spot us is to use the SPOT button built into your logger program

OK we have discovered that N1MM   has a place to send comments with each spot
       heres a quick explanation ..   running N1MM  click  WINDOWS open the TELNET window
       you need to have a CLUSTER selected,  and be online, receiving spots,,
       now go to the Spot Comments  tab and follow the instructions,  If you put IDQP in the comment box
       N1MM will  send that comment with your spots,,  THIS IS , well at least for me, somewhat complicated,  BUT  it works ..

ALSO   N3FJP state qso party module
     it appears that if you go to  SETTINGS<    DX SPOTTING   at the bottom of that page there's a place to add comments ..

Since there isn't thousands of Idaho stations to pick from, with a bit of time in-between contacts,  going to DX Summit might still be the easiest for casual operators.. ,,